The End

Day Fifty. Gomene minna. The Unremarkable Life of the Female Otaku has come to its end. I, Fujiwara Kumiko, have decided to end my unremarkable life. It has nothing to do with Kazu, my parents or anyone else. This is the decision I’ve made long ago. I was just waiting for the right time. Last […]

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Day Forty Nine. I’m sorry if it took me quite a while to write this post. I’ve just been extremely busy these past few days. I told you, day forty nine would be different from most of my posts and believe me it is. What’s so different? Well, for one thing, I’m writing it in […]

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My name’s Kumiko. 21 years old. Japanese. Female. Otaku.

I started this blog out of boredom. I’ve been a shut-in for a few months now. I only go out to buy food, new games, DVDs or books and to watch movies. I talk to no one. My Laptop and pets are my only companions. It seems a lonely life to some but it’s really not. I’m used to it. This blog is not an otaku guide about the latest anime, games or manga. It’s just a record of my everyday life and a bit about my past. So don’t expect much. After all, the title did say “unremarkable”. And that’s exactly what my life is like.